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Top 7 air purifier houseplants you must have

Air purifier houseplants :

The house plants of various kinds and they function in a different way. Some people prefer to add the beauty to their home while some prefer air purifier houseplants which will provide them pure air. People, after this pandemic, have become more conscious about their health which is why they have started taking precautions too.

Wearing a mask is only hope left but if you wish to stay one step ahead of everyone, you can go for air purifier indoor plants. Having plants in the office is not just a matter of desk decorating but people have started opening their minds to healthy sustenance. The air purifier houseplants are the key.

If you are one amongst all those who want to make their breathing air better, you can buy following indoor houseplants for oxygen to put on your work desk in your home as well as an office:

1. Areca Palm

It is also known as Butterfly Palm or Bamboo Plant is one of the best indoor houseplants for oxygen in India. People mostly prefer keeping Erica Palm because it purifies the air and with that humidifies it too. Thus, it is seen mostly in the months of winter. It does not thrive under direct sunlight but during the cold and dry atmosphere. With that, it requires regular pruning and it is good for pets too.

2. Money Plant

Money plant is one such air purifier houseplant which can be seen in almost every house of India. People are fond of the money plant. It cleans the air inside your house and of the surroundings too. They grow quickly thus, it needs nurturing and pruning regularly. Water them regularly and put them away from the direct sunlight.

3. Spider Plant

Green Spider plant is a perfect indoor houseplant for oxygen and should be kept in the bedroom. It grows easily without much care and with minimal indirect sunlight. This plant needs to be watered 2 – 3 times a week, because it eliminates xylene and formaldehyde which is present in an enclosed space. It is safe for kids and pets so this could be your go-to plant.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera crux is used to heal wounds and burns but Aloe Vera plant is also one of the most popular air purifier indoor plants amongst Indians. It is easy to grow but for it to thrive, it required direct Sunlight. It requires watering every 21 days during the normal atmosphere and in winter, you must water the Aloe Vera plant once a month. This plant oozes oxygen at night and removes Benzene and Formaldehyde from the air.

5. Chinese Evergreen

Not many Indians know of Chinese Evergreen plants, but it is one of those few air purifier houseplants which will purify the air and thrive under indirect sunlight. It is neither high – maintenance nor it requires watering regularly. You can set in on one corner of your desk and it will nullify Carbon Monoxide, Benzene, Trichloroethylene, and Formaldehyde from the air. However, one point about this plant is, before watering this plant, make sure its soil is not damp.

6. Weeping Fig

Weeping Fig is one such air purifier houseplants with long-lasting, low- maintenance qualities known to curb the pollutants generated by household items such as furniture. It is to be placed in bright indirect sunlight. It is a slow-growing plant which improves the air quality inside the home and renders amazing air cleaning results.

7. Indian Basil

Indian Basil is commonly and fondly known as Tulsi amongst Indians. People love to use its leaves, not only to garnish the dish but also to it in the tea to add to the flavour and aroma. However, this can be found in the patio of every Indian house because it is one of the best air purifier houseplants which purifies the air with its medicinal elements. It requires direct sunlight and regular watering. Apart from that, it is a low – maintenance plant.

Now you know which air purifier houseplants you want in your home that will not only add to the beauty of the house but also keep you healthy. You can buy plant caddy and move your air purifier indoor plants with you wherever you go. Upgrade your methods of living and try to add years to your life.



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