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Top 5 Easy Ayurvedic plants to grow at home

Ayurvedic plants to grow at home :

The study of medicinal plants is known as Herbology. It has been practiced by Hakims, Rishimunis and Vaidas ever since human life had witnessed its initial suns and moons. People have been relying on medicinal plants to curb the illnesses and diseases for centuries and the results have been magical. It is nothing short of a miracle that a plant can cure something so complex. 

This trend has returned during these tough times. People have started researching Ayurvedic plants to grow at home. They have been consulting experts on how to grow Ayurvedic plants at home? It is not hard, and you can grow ayurvedic herbs at home, however, the big question is which Ayurvedic herbs to grow at home?

Here are a few ayurvedic plants to grow at home:


Recently we have seen the biggest pandemic and its repercussions and one of the most searched things on the internet is below…

How to grow Giloy at home?

Well, Giloy is easiest to grow and you can reap many benefits from it. It is grown just like a money plant – by a stem cutting method. It requires something for the support, so you can use a stick or a rod. If the stem is unavailable, you can use seeds available in the ayurvedic store. Plant the seeds, water it daily during its initial days and then you can shift to weekly watering.

Now you know the answer to the question “How to grow Giloy at home?”


Basil in India is different from the one that is available in foreign countries. It is a necessary ayurvedic herbs to grow at home. Most people do not know that Basil is considered Ayurvedic because it is used in day-to-day dishes of Indians.

However, eating it raw can help you with building stronger immunity, a great digestive system, fight free radicals, lowers diabetes, reduces depression, and detoxifies the body.

Basil thrives in drained soil and it requires warm temperature. If you plant Basil alongside your Tomatoes, then you need not pick them up separately.


There are two types of hibiscus plants – tropical and hardy. See which one will suit the atmosphere you live in. It could be one of the best options for ayurvedic plants to grow at home.

Hibiscus plant will prevent you from diabetes if it runs in your family and its leaves and flowers can be used for the hair fall issue.

So, how to grow this ayurvedic plant at home? The popular choice for growing the Hibiscus plant is the container. It will grow into a small shrub or tree with the stems and the glossy leaves. Make sure the soil is rich and well-draining. Keep the soil moist but don’t drown the plant. In a few days, you will get your first flower to use.


As we well know there are various benefits of Henna. It is also known as an Indian form of Tattoo. This is one of the sure Ayurvedic Herbs to grow at home. You must be thinking why and how to grow this Ayurvedic plant?

Firstly, Henna is used as a natural hair dye by Indians.

Secondly, Ayurveda medicines use it to treat digestive issues, respiratory issues, and lifestyle-related ailments.

Thirdly, you need not take much pain for these Ayurvedic plants to grow at home. Make sure to put the pot of Henna plant under direct sunlight because it requires hot temperature – min 22’C. Water the plant but once every 2 weeks and once it grows fully, use it to your best interest.


Trust us, of these above – mentioned medicinal plants, you surely want to know How to grow ayurvedic plant of Bramhi? Brahmi improves memory and learning; it gets rid of stomach worms and nourishes your skin. It is an one of the easy ayurvedic plants to grow at home.

Brahmi can be grown at home if irrigated well. Choose small stems with roots and plant in the potting soil. Make a hole between the pot and the cover, so it can let out the excess water. The plant will soon begin to flourish, and you can cut the stems and leaves as much as you want.

For the best result, dry the Brahmi leaves, make the powder of it and mix it with honey. It will improve memory power. If you have an issue of fits, take Brahmi with boiled milk and many such mixtures can be used for your benefits.

These are just a few Ayurvedic herbs to grow at home. It will not just be in the reach of your hand, but you will see its positive effects over time. Using them in your diet or using them externally, will change your body and it will be a good change.


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