7 Best houseplants that grow in water without soil

houseplants that grow in water :

People who are passionate about gardening and plantation generally love the feeling of soil in their hands and under their nails and they do not mind their hands being dirty. However, it is totally okay to want clean hands and too and not like the feeling of soil in your hands. It is normal and ordinary to love plantations and to have a carefully manicured hand at the same time.

To have that, you can grow houseplants that grow in water. Yes, many people do not know that you can grow no soil houseplants at home without spending too much on their maintenance. No soil plants do not require soil at all, they just need water and passive sunlight. And one of the best things about indoor plants without soil is they will make your garden look beautiful.

Here are a few houseplants to grow in the water at home:

1. Hilodendron

Philodendrons are one of those rare no soil houseplants that grow year-round. Thus, you need not worry about the change in season affecting it. You need to grow them in a glass vase and put them under indirect sunlight. However, this houseplant that grows in water needs water changing every 3-4 days.

2. Orchids

Orchids are one of the few indoor plants without soil that can be used to decorate a work desk or even the library. Orchids grow on other plants, but they are not parasites. The roots of Orchids are covered in a squishy membrane that sucks up water from the atmosphere. Many orchids are sold as houseplants that grow in water as moss or on stones as well on a piece of bark once their roots take hold.

houseplants that grow in water

3. Hyacinths

It is said that some people grow Hyacinths in the soil while some this indoor plant without soil. One of the less known interesting facts about Hyacinths is that if you put them in a dark room without sunlight for 10 weeks while its roots develop, this no soil plant grows best. Once the roots develop properly, you can place it under passive sunlight. These flowers grow just with the help of water and pebbles but do not drown them by overwatering.

4. Air Plants (Tillandsias)

Air plants are exactly as the name is – they grow in the air instead of soil. These plants grow in such a manner that it sucks water and nutrients from the air. With more than 650 varieties of Air plants, you can choose to grow any of these no soil houseplants.

5. Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss thrives in humid days as these houseplants that grow in water, suck water from the environment. These grey-green plants often romance trees and grow on them but with the proper care, it can grow indoors without soil as well. To maintain Spanish moss as a no soil houseplant, fertilize it with high-phosphorus liquid once every 15 days because it may gather wild insects which may be harmful in the long run. Thus, make sure to buy it from the trusted supplier.

6. Moss Balls

Marimo Moss Balls is a water algae that grows inside the aquarium. You can grow them inside a fish aquarium or a standalone glass jar. The fun fact about Marimo Moss Balls is that it does not have stone or kernel inside the sphere which is mostly seen in freshwater lakes in Japan, Estonia, Iceland, Scotland, and Australia. They are generally 8 to 12 inches in diameter, but you can have smaller ones for growing no soil houseplant at home.

7. Paperwhites

Paperwhites are houseplants that grow in water, rocks, and a glass container. These are the species of water plants which love nothing more than water.  However, you need not drown the plant in the water, just make sure water should reach the base of plants and not more. Also, do not put it under direct sunlight because they can die under heavy sunlight. Once the flower appears on the bloom, they make perfect white flowers on green stems. It is beautiful and you do want to own them.

8. Bonus plant: Sage

Sage is an organic herb used in pasta, so it is not just a cool houseplant to grow in water, but it is even beautiful to just look at. Immerse its roots in water and give the plant enough light and air. You will be able to see its roots after a week and will love to pluck it for your next pasta potluck party.

Now you know that you have options to own houseplants that grow in water without getting your hands dirty, what are you waiting for. Go ahead and buy some of the above – mentioned indoor plants without soil and enjoy looking at the beautifully decorated gardens.


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