Top 10 Best indoor gardening planters

Best indoor gardening planters :

Growing plants at home should not be a headache. To grow plants at home, you need not go out and buy the pots or the soil, and then grow them. You can do it all at home, and it is a fun activity to do. Also, you may make the planter-constructing your family activity. It would not take much more time to convince your family members.  to take part in making some of the best indoor gardening planters.

Sparing 2 to 3 hours every Sunday for making indoor gardening containers for plants and you will have yourself a beautiful home garden. Making the pots for indoor gardening is within the budget and soul soothing. You need not have too many costly materials. You can make it from the waste available at your home. Plant care requires other Best gardening tools as well. But planters are one of the must have things.

DIY indoor gardening containers for plants

1. Tin Can Planter:

Tin Can make a perfect pots for indoor gardening, how? Tin Can have the lids which cannot be closed again. Once you open them, you must throw the lids away. Thus, they are perfect for growing the tiny plants such as succulents, money plants and cactus.

Take the used tin can and clean it well. Once cleaned, paint it with oil painting colors. You can try this with more than one tin can. One the paint dries, full it up with the soil and bury the seeds. Water it well and your best indoor gardening planters made up of waste Tin Can is ready.

2. Basket Planter:

Basket Planter is the easiest of all to make. Take a basket and stick the inner surface with plastic, to prevent leakage. If you are putting it on the patio or terrace, then you need not put plastic on the inner surface. Once the plastic sticks, fill it with the soil, plant the seed and water it daily. You can create the basket from the scratch, with the help of Bamboo thread if you want.

3. Rope Planter:

The Rope Planter is the cheapest yet the best indoor gardening planters of all. You need not any extra material except for the rope, which you can get from the Thrift store. Take a ceramic pot and a long piece of rope. Start with the bottom and wrap it around the ceramic pot till the top.

Stick the rope with the hot glue and leave it to dry for a day. Remove the ceramic pot from inside and fill it up with the soil. Plant the seeds and your indoor gardening containers for plants is ready. You can choose to color the Ropes with different colors, to match it with the backdrop.

4. Cement Planter:

Cement Planter pots for indoor gardening are in a trend. That everyone these days is making cement planters. The ingredients required to prepare the cement planter are two plastic bowls. One big and another is small, oil, cement, a large tub, and a few stones. Mix the cement with water in the tub in such a manner than it becomes a paste. Take a big bowl and spread oil on the inside surface.

Pour the mixed cement paste and fill the bowl. Apply the oil on the outer surface of the smaller bowl and put it on the cement paste to create the space for the soil. Now put the stone to apply pressure and leave it to dry. Once it dries, remove both the bowls, and paint it with the colors if you want. Your best indoor gardening planters is ready. Fill it with the soil and plant the plant.

Hanging Planters 

Who does not like hanging plants, right? They are hassle-free (saves the floor space), looks chic and are easy to maintain. Also, hanging planters made of anything from clay to coconut shells. Yes, you read it right. It can be made from coconut shells. How? Here you go…

Best indoor gardening planters
Best indoor gardening planters

1. Coconut hanging planter

Believe it or not Coconut shell proves to be the best hanging pots for indoor gardening. Once you eat the coconut, the shell becomes useless, and you throw it away. This time save it, clean it with the water, fill it with the soil and plant the succulent. or whatever herb/plant you wish to. Then you can hang it with the rope.

Thus, it will make the best indoor gardening planters which will not harm the environment. You can do as many coconut planters as you want and hang them. Again, if you wish you can paint the shell but for the raw look, keep it natural.

2. Bird Cage hanging planter

If you go to the thrift store and as for an old inexpensive birdcage, you will get it. It will make a beautiful indoor gardening containers for plants. If it has dents or marred or broken, buy it because that adds to the rustic charm.

Fill the birdcage with your favorite plants and then hang it with string, twine, or rope. The end – product will look beautiful once all the plants grow very well. And you never know, birds might like this cage more than any other cage. They would rather prefer to be here than anywhere else.

Clay pots

There are two types of clay pots for indoor gardening. They are raw clay pots and Terracotta clay pots. Both the pots are the best indoor gardening planters. because both are natural and keep the plants healthy. Also, since they are made from natural material, it will not harm the environment as well.

Raw clay pots can be prepared at home as you make with cement. The only difference is you cannot make the paste, so you must give shape to the pot by yourself. Research on the internet and make the pot of any shape, size, and design.

Terracotta pots are easily available in the market. They are stronger and durable than raw clay pots. They glazed, which is why they were made for growing the plants. The naturalness of clay and patina (minerals deposits) is pulled into the soil.

This makes it healthy for the roots. These planters are great for Cacti, Succulents and so on. Also, Terracotta planters are perfect for winters. because they draw out the extra water to help the soil dry soon due to cold.

Best indoor gardening planters indoor gardening containers for plants
Best indoor gardening planters

Grow Bags

How they are cheap, environment friendly and carry-able indoor gardening containers for plants:

The pros of growing plants and flowers in Growing bags are undeniable. They make the best pots for indoor plants. You can carry them wherever you want. The gardening bag saves the space and helps you breathe the fresh air wherever you go. Also, grow bags offer gardeners a quick and easy way to establish lush and healthy landscapes. There are two types of Grow bags that people use for indoor plants:

1 Regular Grow bags

The regular grow bags are smaller in size, durable, and soft. They are found in the gardens of amateurs and professionals both. But, you must choose a bag that is breathable and has strong fabrics. They come in handy for the places you thought would be imperfect for the plants. Such as that small place about your cabinet where all your papers stacked in a haphazard manner. You can also grow crops like carrots and potatoes. The roots of plants will be healthier in the grow bags. Hence, they are the best indoor gardening planters for the ones who cannot make time for planting.

2. Rectangular Grow Bags

The rectangular grow bags are bigger than the regular ones. But you can use them in your small balconies and patios. They make the best indoor gardening containers for plants because they can be moved easy and you can grow many plants at the same time. The grow bags are breathable thus maintaining the temperature for the plants. Also, there is no water flowing which means saying NO to fungus and mold permanent. Isn’t that cool? You must go for the grow bag planters if you do not want your plants to die on you.

Other planters for your plants:

  1. Steel Glasses/Cups: You can grow your plants in steel glasses and cups. But make sure you place them in a moderate temperature because they can heat and cool soon.
  1. Plastic Cups: No one is unaware of plastic pots. The best use of plastic cups is by growing plants in them.
  1. Thermocol planters: The Thermocol planters are useful for succulents and other tiny plants. since they are not that durable.
  1. Glass Bowls: Have you seen Fishbowl? Yes, it can be perfect to grow plants. I have a Jade plant in the glass bowl at home and a money plant in a glass jar. Thus, Glass planter is one of the best indoor gardening planters and you need not buy it from outside. You can choose a glass vessel at home and reuse it.
  1. Cork Planter: Corks are best planters because they are light in weight, soft, and breathable and good for roots. Since they are super light, you can hang it anywhere or place it anywhere you want.

Making DIY pots for indoor gardening is easy to make. If you do not want to make it then use some of the waste items from your house to make indoor gardening containers for plants. Even a small glass or a cup can be the best indoor gardening planters, you must have the vision for it.


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