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6 Best organic fertilizers for indoor plants

Best organic fertilizers for indoor plants :

So far every plant needs nutrients to grow well without disease. But Instead of using organic things, chemicals are used. Organic fertilizers need to be provided in bulk but it Increases humus content in soil. Organic fertilizers work slowly for releasing nutrients but it’s not harmful.  

Why should you not use chemical fertilizers for plants?

Chemical fertilizers are not harmful for plants but for humans. If you are using such fertilizers for vegetable and fruit plants, consumption of fruit/vegetables harvested from those plants are not good for our body and health. Pesticides contain Ammonium Nitrate and Potassium chloride, It may cause major health diseases like cancer, Methemoglobinemia. Using chemicals and pesticides for plants does not immediately effect after consumption but slowly attacks human health. 

The plants may grow fast and without pests also you save some money, but nutrients level would be very low in such produced things. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers not only affect human health but also damages soil and reduces the level of fertilization. Instead of this there are some best organic fertilizers for indoor plants which are alternatives of chemical fertilizers.

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The best alternatives of chemical fertilizers

1.Bio Compost

One of the best organic fertilizers for indoor plants is Bio compost. You can make bio compost from your kitchen waste. Take a terracotta pot and feel bottom with soil and put kitchen waste on it. Grass and leaves can also be used. Make another layer of soil and again put kitchen waste, repeat this as waste gets generated day by day. Once the pot is full, keep it for 10 to 15 days at your gardening area or at any dry place. 

After getting done, use it immediately or If you want to store it then dry it in normal sunlight and then store in a terracotta pot. Compost maker powder could also be used to make organic fertilizer for plants at home.

2. Neem Oil

Azadirachta Indica, also known as Neem tree in India. Neem oil is made from its seeds and the fruits by pressing together. This is one of the strongest best organic fertilizers for indoor plants. To use the Neem oil take warm water and mix 5 ml of Neem oil, to mix well use 5 ml liquid soap. Feel it in sprayer and spray on the leaves and Neem oil keeps away the bugs and insects from the plants.

3. Seaweed

Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium all can be provided through soil fertilizers but plants also need Magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium. Seaweed provides these required nutrients and works as organic fertilizer for plants at home. Seaweed is the constraints of underwater algae. You may simply buy it online and can not make it at home. Use it carefully with glows.

4. Rice water

You need to follow the same process as banana peels. Soak rice grains in water for 2-3 days and drain the water. You can also use water in which rice has been washed. This indoor plant fertilizer can be used 40 to 50ml for a small pot. Use it once in 15 days or twice in every month to fertilizing plants at home. 

5. Banana peels

Do not throw banana peels in the dustbin as you can grow a plant with it. Yes ! The best organic liquid fertilizer can be made from banana peels. Take a pot or a bottle and soak banana peels and water, after 2-3 days drain the water and this water is your fertilizer. You can directly put it into the pot on soil. Banana peels water is natural fertilizer for plants.

5. Wood ash

Wood ash is simply available if you are residing in a village or small town area. A particular type of wood ash is not mandatory, you can take any type of it. Cow Dung is also used for cooking, Ash generated from it can be used for fertilizing plants at home. Wood ash contains Calcium and potash, thus it is the best natural fertilizer for plants

These are the Top and Best organic fertilizers for indoor plants. Each one of the above is alternative for chemical fertilizers. If you take care of your plants in organic way then you are automatically contributing to the environment safety. Instead every human should take care of all natural resources and not to harm mother earth.  




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