Top 5 Best potting mix for container gardening

Best potting mix for container gardening :

Indoor plants, vegetables, flowers can not be grown with normal soil or garden soil. Potting mix is must for container gardening and it’s the best soil for container vegetables. Moisture and water drainage are important factors for germination of potting plants, as garden soil is heavy so it’s not recommended for indoor plants.

Potting mix is a mixture made of multiple ingredients: normal soil, vermicompost, cocopeat, tree barks. It’s specially made for indoor planting/ Container gardening. Potting mix is easily available, You can either buy potting mix online or at nursery or DYA potting mix at home. Here is guide for best potting mix for container gardening. 

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1.Buy potting mix online

There are plenty of potting mix manufacturers who are selling online. Each of them has differences in quality, price, reviews. You can buy the best potting mix for container gardening on any E-Commerce site : Amazon, Flipkart and many more. If you are a beginner then It may take time to research things over the internet. No need to take extra efforts, we already did it for you. we found below are feasible brands to buy best potting mix for container gardening : 

Top selling brands : best potting mix for container gardening : 

  • Trustbasket : One of the popular brands, not only about best potting mix for indoor plants but also for all the gardening needs. This brand is especially meant for the gardening category. Seeds, Pots, stands, soil mix, fertilizers and more products available.
  • Mahagro : Very few good brands are available to buy potting mix online in India. Mahagro has this specific product in the gardening category. Other than it they are reselling different category products.   
  • Greenroots : Even having only few products related to gardening this is among one of the top five brands for best Potting mix. Organic and green living initiative is the main motto of the “Greenroots”.
  • Cocogarden : This brand is focused on gardening products: Potting mix, fertilizers, cocopeat, gardening equipment and many more. Potting mix of Cocogarden is one of the top products to buy.
  • Casa de amor : This brand also produces other gardening things. Casa de amor’s Potting mix is organic as all other brands. This brand has all organic products into the gardening category.

5 Best potting mix brands:


2. Buy potting mix at nearby Nursery

Every city has nurseries, selling plants and gardening things. Nursery has availability of all  types of soil required for on-ground gardening as well as container gardening. If you visit a nearby nursery you also gain some knowledge and learn new things about planting and gardening. 

Nursery does not have a brand for Potting mix, because it’s made at that nursery itself. It may be produced with inorganic things for better results. As these are shops for business. It’s not recommended to buy from them, because you are getting organic and proven products online and also at the same cost. 

Potting mix vs Potting soil

3. DIY Potting mix at home

Preparing the best soil for plants in pots is easy and does not require much effort. Gardening soil can not be used for indoor plants, but it’s one of the required ingredients for best soil for plants in pots. There are three important contents needed : Gardening soil, cocopeat and compost. If available you can also add tablespoon of Epsom salt for potted plants. It’s not mandatory to use Epsom salt for potted plants.

If you are a beginner and just starting the thing then it is recommended to go for ready made potting mix instead of DIY Potting mix. Once you develop garden and planting then you may need to prepare potting mix at home, because of the increased quantity.


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