Which is the best soil for growing plants in pots?

Best soil for growing plants

People have found various activities to do in Lockdown and one of them is Gardening. Well, it is not just a one-time thing. It requires your regular attention. You need to nurture your plants every day with sunlight, water, and air. They will not grow if any of these are cut short to them. However, one of the essential things for plants to grow properly is soil. The soil must be nutritious and suitable for the plants that you decide to grow. But how will you decide?

Which is the best soil for growing plants in pots?

The answer to that is not one soil type suits every plant. There are various gardening soil types which suit various plants. Also, even in home gardening, there are various 2 types of plants – outdoor potted plants and indoor plants. Thus, the best soil for indoor plants in pots could differ from the soil that suits best with outdoor plants. Here are some of the plants that you can grow at home with various gardening soil types:

  • Tomatoes : The best soil for growing plants of Tomatoes is loamy soil. The big question is why? The reason is just like the wine grapes, Tomatoes also get their flavors from the soil and flavorsome tomatoes require peat-based compost which is rich in humus. Thus, for tomatoes, loamy soil proves the best.
  • Aloe Vera : Aloe Vera is healthy for hair and skin and many people prefer to grow it in-house so that they can pluck it whenever they want. It can also be used in juices and smoothies to make them healthy. Thus, the ideal soil moisture for plants is sandy soil with a neutral pH. The mix made for cacti and succulents should be preferred.
  • Lemon : There is no gardening soil type for Lemon. It grows in any type of soil with good drainage. However, you can try loamy soil or sandy loamy soil. The preferred pH soil level for Lemons should be between 5.5 and 6.5. Thus, you must make sure that you reduce or increase the pH level to get the best soil for growing plants of Lemon.

best soil for growing plants

  • Basil : Basil is the necessity and why shouldn’t one grow Basil? It is fresh, scented and it has a minty taste which adds to the richness in the taste of the dish or a beverage. So, the best soil for growing plants of Basil is well-drained soil. The ideal moisture for plants of Basil must be neutral pH which can be gotten by adding compost. However, make sure that it does not exceed the level of richness otherwise the plant will not survive.
  • Peppers : Peppers are easy to grow potted plants. However, you need the correct soil for them, or they are prone to diseases. Thus, the best soil for potted plants of Peppers is deep, rich, and loamy. You can make it rich with the help of compost. However, you must make sure that too much nitrogen is not added. It could make the Peppers grow fast, making them less productive.
  • Mushroom : You will be surprised to know that ideal soil moisture for plants of Mushroom is no soil at all. This is because Mushrooms do not grow in soil, they grow in sawdust or wood chips or compost which are known as “Substrate“. Thus, there is no best soil for growing plants of Mushroom.

best soil for growing plants in pots

  • Rose Plant : The best soil for indoor plants in pots of Rose flower is rich and well-draining soil. The ideal combination for Rose gardening is the potting mix and compost. Make sure to go for the ratio of two-thirds potting mix and one-third compost otherwise the flower will not be big and healthy.
  • Bamboo plant : Bamboo is an indoor plant, and it grows best in aerated soil which is light in structure and rich in organic nutrients. The soil should have moisture and should allow drainage as well. The loamy soil is the best soil for growing plants of Bamboo because it retains the moisture without waterlogging.

Plants are being cared for. They bring you positivity and freshness and not to forget OXYGEN. Do give them the best soil because, just like human beings, they stay healthy with the correct food. The best soil for potted plants is the one that has correct pH level, correct moisture, and correct amount of fertilizer. Keep them healthy, keep them fresh!!!

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