If we start using earthen clay pots for cooking, we may live for a few more years.

Earthen clay pots for cooking:

Changing lifestyles are weakening your immune system. Pesticides used to grow vegetables and grains are causing many diseases. Also, food items are adulterated and stomach ailments are on the rise.

Nowadays non-stick utensils are widely used in everyone’s kitchen, which are unsuitable for our health. When heated to a certain temperature, it produces toxic gases and mixes with food. Many heart related diseases occur after consuming such food. Earthen clay pots for cooking is a great alternative to non-stick cookware.

Aluminum, Non-stick (Teflon) utensils cause many diseases. If these pots are used for a long period, there is a possibility of serious illness. If you cook constantly in this pot, many toxic particles get mixed in our blood and slowly affect your organs. Take a look at the aluminum pots in your home, the color when you bought new one and the color now, you will understand it is harmful to our health.

Earthen clay pots for cooking have been used in India for many years. It is shaped by making mud/clay. After drying it properly, it is burnt in fire. Earthenware cooking utensils are made in India and from black soil/ red soil. Black soil and red soil are used depending on the location and availability. Different regions have different types of soil.

Advantages of using Earthen pots:

    • If we use earthen clay pots for cooking, there is no harm to the body, on the contrary, there are many benefits to our health.
    • Clay pots for cooking are heavier and stronger than other metal pots. As it is made of clay, it does not affect even if it is heated to maximize temperature.
    • Foods cooked in earthenware cooking utensils contain less oil, as they absorb extra oil and moist food. No one wants to eat oily nowadays.
    • Using mud pots for cooking made from red clay and black clay gives calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and sulfur to our body.
    • Mud pots for cooking will slowly cook food so that the nutrition in the food stays the same. It also acquires a natural taste.
    • There is no harm to our earth and nature, as earthen clay pots for cooking are made from soil, so no loss of natural resources. Pottery is environmentally friendly and can be easily disposed of.
    • The price of earthenware cooking utensils is also affordable. Easily available in the market, and at a very low price. Mud pots for cooking are available at half the price of a steel or non-stick utensil.
    • Not only pots and pans but also glass, bottles, and a griddle is made from clay. If you use this instead of the previous pot, your kitchen will also get a new traditional look.

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This small change could make our life and health better. It will also reduce the degradation of nature. Good health and a good immune system are essential as we are living in a polluted atmosphere now. Change is always a sign of progress.

We need to rethink our relationship with nature. For a long time, nature was strong, so we assumed we could do whatever we wanted, and it would go back. Due to population growth, and technological advancement, we have reached a point, where damaging nature can have a lasting and irreversible effect.


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