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Top 5 easy vegetables to grow in pots

Top 5 easy vegetables to grow in pots :

Believe it or not, the Virus and lock-down taught us that we can do everything at home which includes planting vegetables in pots at home as well.

Yes, it is possible, and it is quite easy. However, you need a little bit of patience because every veggie that you grow at home takes its own sweet time to grow. But once the process regulates, you will no longer need to visit the market for these veggies. It will be right in front of you on your balcony.

Before letting you know, which easy vegetables to grow in pots, you should know why is it necessary to grow vegetables at home in pots?

  • You will get to eat fresh vegetables without any harmful pesticides and insecticides.
  • If you plant vegetables at home, you need not go out and spend money on them, hence – cost-cutting.
  • You can give it to someone in need like friends, neighbors, relatives, etc.

Now that you have these reasons to grow veggies at home, let’s see what all are the easy vegetables to grow in pots at home:


Tomatoes are used every day. There is hardly any dish that is prepared without tomatoes in Indian homes. This makes it one of the easy vegetables to grow in pots. It requires well-drained loamy soil with enough sunlight and that is why you will see this in every home. There are various kinds of tomatoes for various dishes such as one kind for the sandwich and another kind for the sauces. Hence, Tomatoes is a better choice when you are a beginner to plant vegetables at home.

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Again, one of the most used seasonings as well as an ingredient of the world. People are fond of Lemon recipes – from Lemon aid to Lemon Pies to Lemon French Toast. However, you cannot reuse its seeds bought from the market, hence you must buy vegetable seeds online. It will come with the instructions on how to use them and that way you can sow it and rep it properly.


We do not need to tell you how healthy and useful Coriander is! It is not just for garnishing, but it enhances the dish and its taste and one of the easy to grow vegetables at home in pots. Sow the coriander seeds in a pot about half to one inch deep. But before that make sure that the seeds are bought online because you may not be able to learn what seeds are good and what are not. It needs regular water and warmth of the sun throughout the gardening season.

Green Peas

Peas are an easy vegetable to grow in pots. They enjoy cooler weather, so you can plant them in November – December and enjoy them in Feb – March. What they need is support for their stems. You can use some chicken wire or netting between supports at each end of the row. You will not believe how fresh they are once picked. And the best part is the more you pick, the more you reap.


This can be eaten as a salad as well as used for cooking pasta and other dishes. Thus, make sure to cut the carrot top and sow it deep in the soil. Potted Carrots are required to water on a regular basis to keep the soil moist, just not soggy. With the quality seed and soil, suitable drainage and weather system, and dedicated watering regularly, you may now enjoy your homegrown Carrots. To maintain the quality of the fruit, make sure to buy vegetable seeds online instead of trying at home.

easy vegetables to grow in pots

Capsicum/Bell Pepper

Pepper has too many seeds in them which makes them easy to grow at home. You just must follow a few easy steps: First, take out a few seeds and put it in a paper towel to dry them. Plant it in a pot and water them regularly. Peppers will be in your hands in no time.

These above are the easy vegetables to grow in pots 

Here are the few tips to keep in mind, when you are planting vegetables in a pot:

  • You must buy vegetable seeds online because the good seeds that are required to grow a plant may not be available in the market.
  • If you wish to grow vegetables at home in pots, you must use fertilized soil; it requires a special kind of soil.
  • Keep tiny gardening tools handy, so that it becomes easy to plant vegetables at home whenever you want.

Once you enter this activity, you will never want to get out of this habit because to grow vegetables at home in pots is not just healthy but soul-satisfying and pleasure-giving as well. 


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