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How to successfully grow Strawberry plant at home in pots? 7 Important steps

Grow Strawberry plant at home in pots :

When you grow chilly, beans and tomatoes at home in pots at home, nothing extraordinary or different in it. But, if you grow Strawberry plant at home in pots, then you are a true gardener. Strawberries said to be love – fruits. Everyone is fond of this red colored fruit which melts like a jelly in the mouth.

Strawberries are sweet and rich in Vitamin (C). On top of that, if you grow strawberry plant at home in pots. you will reduce the cost of buying them which can be quite high. It is easier to take care of the strawberry plants that it looks. You must remember a few tips. Starting from choosing the strawberry seeds to plucking them. 

Here are the tips to grow strawberry plant at home in pots:

1. Select the right type of strawberries

It is necessary to select the correct kind of strawberry to enjoy the ripe fruit. If you want the plant to bear you fruits for a season-long time, then go for overbearing strawberries. so you can harvest strawberries time and again. The fruit will be of neutral quality but the perfect option for a season-long harvest.

2. Avoid overcrowding

The Strawberry plants are small and can fit into any pot so most of us will be tempted to overcrowd the pot but do not do that. To get the most out of your strawberry plant, make sure to plant just 3 or 4 plants per square foot soil. This way roots will not be overcrowded. If you allow too many plants,you will only reap fewer lush strawberries.

3. Snip regular

You will need to snip out the runner strawberry plants. It is good if you have extra space. But if you do not, then they can put quite a drain on the productive capacity of your plants. Snipping the runners regularly will encourage plants on making strawberries. and You will be able to take care of strawberry plants in a better manner. 

4. Increased exposure

Growing strawberry plants at home in pots requires two things – 1. choosing the strawberry seeds correctly and 2. exposing them to provide them with the proper temperature.  Growing strawberries in pots will expose their roots to warmer temperatures. than they would find in the ground.

 To avoid exposing your strawberries to overheating, put up a shade where you put your strawberry pot. You can sprinkle the water over the pot for them to cool down. when the water droplets evaporate, the residual heat will go away with it.

5. Water more

You need to water your strawberry plant regularly because the soil will dry out often. Also, the plant will not be able to bear too much heat so make sure that you keep the plant cool and keep the soil wet. But, you need to ensure that you do not over water the plant and drown it. 

Do not keep the soil soggy. Learn when you must water the plants and how much. Your chosen container must drain adequately. Because if the soil stays wet, beneath the surface, deadly microbes can set up shop and bring death upon your once – rich plants.

6. Be attentive even after harvest

To grow strawberry plant at home in pots is not limited to harvest. Do take care of strawberry plants even after the harvest. You must oversee that the plant is not disturbed by the pests and microbes. They can damage the plant along with the birds and animals. Do drape the pots or baskets with bird netting if you find it necessary.

7. Taking care of strawberry plants

Generally, Strawberries do not grow apart from the winter season. But if you take proper care, like putting it in a place which is cold like a basement, then it may thrive. You must make sure that the soil is not completely dried out and watered when necessary. 

Once you plant the strawberry in the season other than winter, you can hide it and bring it out when winter arrives. Once you grow Strawberry plant at home in pots, cover them with a mulch of straw or shredded leaves for added protection.

                          Growing strawberry plants at home in pots can be an easy task. If you put in the required efforts, provide them with moderate temperature and focus on taking care of the strawberry plant correctly. Then you will be able to enjoy the juicy strawberries as soon as the plant bears the fruit. They will bear the fruit only if you follow above – mentioned tips. We wish you all the best and you can send us the pictures of your homegrown strawberries.


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