How to grow tomato plant at home without seeds?

Grow tomato plant at home without seeds :

There are many vegetables that we can plant and grow at home. Some of them need more care while some of them do not need much effort. Planting tomatoes at home does not need much resources as well as effort. You need to take care of little things and within some days home grown tomatoes will shine on the plant.

You can also grow tomato plant at home without seeds. Tomato itself can be used to grow tomatoes at home. Two simple ways to grow tomatoes at home in pots

1. Cutting tomatoes in thin slices

2. Planting tomato seeds by squeezing tomato.

The process to grow tomato plant at home without seeds is the same in both methods: planting by seed or by tomato itself.

Steps to grow tomato plant at home without seeds

1. Cutting tomato in slices

Choose fresh tomatoes and cut them into thin slices as seeds can be seen from both of the sides. Don’t cut thick slices. Squeezing tomatoes is not recommended as many seeds in a small pot will affect the growing plant. Three to four slices are enough for planting tomatoes.

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2. Potting mix

As you are planting a vegetable; thus it can not be grown in heavy soil, you need to prepare potting mix. Required the same proportion of gardening soil & compost, that’s it. If you have cocopeat then it’s a bonus. 20% cocopeat can be mixed up. Moisturized soil is very important to grow tomatoes at home in pots.

3. Pot or Container

You should use a little pot or a container; because after 15 days it is necessary to move into a bigger pot or grow bag. As shown in the image 4 to 5 slices of tomatoes should fit in a pot with an inch gap. Pot height is not important at the primary stage. water drainage is important, make sure there are 4 to 5 holes below the pot.  

4. Planting Tomatoes in pot

Get the potting soil into the pot and moist it with water. Put slices with an inch gap. Cover with a thin layer of soil and spread water on it. Keep the pot in a semi shade area. Keeping soil moist by watering it from time to time is very important.

grow tomato plant at home without seeds

5. Replantation

After 15 days the plant reaches a height of around one feet, it’s time to change the pot. A grow bag/pot of 12″ X 15″ or bigger size could be fine. 2 to 3 feet of stick need to inserted in soil to support the plant. About water you need to follow the same as previous.

6. Growing time

Germination will take around 70 to 90 days. One plant can harvest 4 to 5 K.G. tomatoes. When it gets a shiny red color it’s time to pluck. Best season for planting tomatoes is September to October. Winter is the best season to grow tomato plant at home without seeds.

1. Planting tomatoes on a large scale in the field

2. Grow tomato plant at home without seeds.

There is huge differences between these two methods and techniques. Everyone loves tomatoes in various forms. e.g. Tomato Soup, Ketchup, Sauce, raw tomato etc. Food items like burgers and pizza contain tomatoes. Not only in taste but also for garnishing food tomatoes can used.

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