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How to grow Roses in a pot?

How to grow roses in a pot?

Most people like Roses unless they are allergic to them. Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers and is available in various shapes, sizes, and varieties. It is extremely easy to grow Roses in a pot and the best part is different kinds grow in different seasons and atmospheres. Thus, you can decide which kind of Rose will be suitable for your house. Various types of Roses are Garden Roses, Climbing Roses, Hybrid Tea Roses, Grandiflora Roses and so on. Perfect amounts of water, sunlight and fertilizer make growing Roses in pots easier.

However, here are a few tips for you to follow and some of the steps for you to ease the process of growing Roses in containers:

Choose the Right Type

It is easy growing Roses in pots, provided you choose the correct kind of Rose plant. Not all roses grow in a container or a pot such as Climbing Roses will grow wildly and sprawl everywhere, similarly, old cultivators make it difficult to grow in a container because it spreads too much. Thus, you can go for Polyantha Roses or Patio Roses which are larger than mini roses but smaller than standard Roses.

Prepare container

The Experts recommend that if you are growing Roses in a container, make sure it is well – chosen. Use premium light – coloured plastic because that will not heat up faster than dark – coloured plastic. It should have too many drainage holes and do make a layer of gravel in its bottom.

Preparing potting soil

Growing Roses in a pot is different than growing other plants and vegetables. Potting soil can be a bit complicated but not impossible. Use the mixture that minimizes the rotting of the roots but heavy enough to hold the moisture. It should not be as if the water is draining out quickly and making the soil dry.


It is important to know the planting details while growing Roses in pots. If you are planting it bare rooted, then mound the soil in the middle section and then place it. However, if you have already grown Roses in a pot and are planning to place it in a container, the soil surface should be in level with bud union – the meeting point of the rootstock.


It is necessary to take cautious watering steps when you grow Roses in a pot. So, immediately after planting the Rose, you can start watering it but slowly. The general rule that applies to the plant of Rose is water it when you feel the top surface is starting to seem dry. Do not let the soil dry and try not to water the leaves.


You do not need to own a farm if you want to grow roses. Now growing roses in a pot is easy and possible in the comfort of your home. But make sure it gets at least 5-6 hours of sunlight. Sunlight is important for Roses as much as water. However, do not overdo it.


Change the pot

One of the rare rules which people tend to forget while they grow Roses in a pot is that they do not report at regular intervals. It is necessary to replace the pot with one size bigger because the Roses need to spread its roots. Adjust the soil in such a way that roots touch the base of the pot. Using fresh pot every few years with changed potting soil will keep the nutrients level in check and intact. This way your plant will be able to feed on fresh soil every few years and will stay healthy.

Temperature check

If you live in a cooler zone where there is a snowfall, growing Roses in pots could be a little bit difficult. For the Roses to survive in the winter, you must choose the plant that is meant for two USDA hardiness zones colder than you live in. You can add mulch to keep the soil a bit warmer as it works as an insulator.

Companion plants

To grow Roses in a container can be a bit difficult because the roots of the Rose need space to flourish. People do pair roses with perennials, annuals, and other Roses, but be careful of the crowding. The list of companions for Roses is smaller. However, if you want, you can grow Roses with alyssum, or ornamental grasses. Make sure the colour combination is matching or at least contrasting, so that your Roses will not only be healthy but will look beautiful too.

Growing Roses in containers is easy and you must grow them at your home. They are perfect for the bouquet, decorations and even for a date.


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