How to make live plant necklace?

Live plant necklace :

When you visit a store and head towards a jewelry section, there is this particular ring or necklace that might catch your attention and you do not like anything else after that. Well, that is “most of the time” case. Sometimes, you end up liking everything and are confused about what you should buy and what you should not? How about if you make your own jewelry?

These years have been crazy and since you must have tried doing, exploring new stuff, why not try your hand at making a live plant necklace? Yes, I know it sounds out of the blue but not impossible. And you never know, you may have fun wearing the necklace tree (*winks*).

Jewelry made from plants has been used as an heirloom which is passed on from generation to generation. People also prefer buying those as gifts for various occasions for their loved ones, but it is a bit heavy on pockets. Hence, you can try DIY wearable plant necklace which can be made from materials available at home and it will not cost you too much.


Materials Needed

To make the live plant necklace you need the following materials:

  1.       Baby succulent or any plant that you wish to use
  2.       The cute little glass vial
  3.       Necklace chain
  4.       Tiny crystals
  5.       Succulent soil
  6.       Moss
  7.       Tweezers and jewelry pliers

1st step: First, gather a few stems of Baby Succulent, you can either pluck them or pick the fallen ones off the ground. Remove the leaves from the lower part of the stem. Let the ends dry out or they will absorb too much moisture and rot. If they will rot, you will have to deal with the stinky smell.

2nd step: The crucial step of the live plant necklace is to arrange the order of all the materials that you wish to put in your necklace. My preferable order is succulent sand, water-absorbing tiny crystals (make sure, they are of 3 different colors) and then put the layer of moss. For the sand, if you happen to have decorative sand like the ones used to make Rangoli in Diwali, then make sure to use it. The wearable plant necklace is all about gathering different colors.

3rd Step: The third step is to put the moss in the veil above the sand and crystals. With the help of tweezers make sure to add more moss into the vial.

4th step: The last step is to put the necklace tree – baby succulents in the vial and close it with the cork.

5th step: Now try the length of chain before cutting it to match your requirement. Hang the pendent and cut the chain with jewelry pliers. Your necklace is ready to wear for you. This will look chic, unique and you will enjoy wearing it.

To care for the plant, make sure you water it every couple of days with funnels but do not overflow it. Make sure to pour just a few drops of water.

Here are some of the necklace tree options that you can use in your live plant necklace:

      You can make use of leaves and flower petals from your wedding bouquet. Everyone loves to preserve their wedding stuff, but that is impossible with the bouquet. However, you can now save a part of your bouquet by making a DIY live plant necklace with it. This way you will preserve a part of your wedding flowers forever.

Fir leaves

You can use Fir leaves to make a wearable plant necklace. If you do not know how, here you go…

–          You can take a metal coin and put a Fir leaf/leaves on it.

–          Fill the hot glue gun with raisin and apply it on the coin covering the leaf.

–          Let it dry completely.

–          Now you can heat the metal chain and attach it to the flip side of the coin.

–          Let it stand for a night and next morning your FIR necklace is ready to wear.

live plant necklace Fir Leaves

One of the species of Moss is Juniper Hair Cap Moss. It can be used as a decoration for a live plant necklace. You use that to put it in the glass veil or can make the pendant using the raisin. Since you know both the methods, go ahead and take a leap of faith.

If you are fond of white flowers, you can make a wearable plant necklace of a plant bouquet. Gather these materials – Daisy flowers, tiny glass vial with a thin neck and large mouth, soil, and a colorful woolen thread. Method – Take the glass vial and wrap the woolen thread around its neck. Now make a chain of remaining thread and tie it to the glass vial in such a manner that vial will be balanced. Put the Daisy flowers in the vial and your live plant necklace is ready to wear.

You can make the necklace out of dandelion as well. What you need is a tiny glass vial, bicycle inner tube, dandelions, and a metal chain. The method is the same as that mentioned above, but instead of cork, you must make the lid of the vial with the help of the tube of the bicycle. Take the vial, add colorful soil to the necklace, add the tiny flowers, some water and close the vial with the help of a tube.

Make sure you cut the tube of the desired length to punch the holes in it and insert the metal chain to it. Before attaching the tube, make sure to close the vial with the help of the same tube, otherwise, water will start dripping. Once the metal chain is attached, your necklace is ready to wear.

There are lots of other DIY wearable plant necklace ideas. There is no limit to the imagination and above – mentioned are just basics to what you can do. So, go crazy with live plant necklaces.


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