Starting indoor flower gardening and indoor flower bed

Indoor Flower Gardening :

Gardening is a peaceful activity. If you engage yourself with gardening, it is as good as doing meditation. It demands lots of hard work, patience, and care to tend to a plant and enjoy the ripe fruit. However, most city – dwellers do not have the luxury of backyard space or pleasant weather for the flowers.

The answer to that is indoor flower gardening. To start an indoor flower bed is not an easy task, but if you put your mind and heart to it, the efforts are worth it. You will reap ample benefits from your indoor flower bed – purified air, fresh veggies and saving petrol cost to groceries shopping. Here are the steps to follow if you want indoor flower gardening:

  • How to start indoor flower gardening?

The first step to start an indoor flower gardening is to decide what space you wish to use to grow veggies and herbs inside your house. There are plenty of options such as the balcony, railing, windowsill, kitchen wall, bedroom space next to the mirror table, basement, storeroom and so on. Decide the place that you wish to use for your indoor gardening and make the arrangements for that.

See if there is adequate sunlight for the plants you want to grow. Look if there is adequate water arrangement because of sunlight and water and two primary requirements. Without these two, your indoor garden will not flourish. Hence, make sure you have a proper arrangement for the sunlight and water.

If you are short of sunlight, you can opt for artificial light such as LED lights, which will provide adequate heat for flowers and fruits to grow. For water, you can go for a drip irrigation system and attach a pipe to the tap for watering the plants.

Starting indoor flower gardening and indoor flower bed

  • Which container to choose for indoor flower gardening?

Container plays an important role in indoor flower gardening because the correct container will help the plant grow. If a plant requiring coolness is placed in a black colored container attracting heat, the plant will die. Also, when it comes to choosing the container, size matters a lot.

For String of Pearls, you need a larger pot because they tend to spread a lot. If you keep them in a hanging pot, then they will get the chance to cascade over the sides. For Anthurium and Rose flower, you can opt for any size of the container.

Also, the look of a container can make or break the visuals of your indoor flower gardening. Thus, choose pots and containers that are sturdy and useful.

  • What are the best flowers for an indoor flower bed?

If you wish you can grow any flower at home, however, Roses are a great way to start an indoor flower bed. African Violet is another amazing flowerpot to have at home. They are easy to grow at home and can survive in a warm atmosphere rather than cold. Keep the plant where it receives filtered sunlight.

If you want to add a bright touch to your home, you must go for Poinsettias. The Poinsettias are a tropical plant, and they require a warm atmosphere along with adequate water to thrive indoors.

Jasmine and Peace Lily are two other plants you can have at your home in your indoor gardening. If you keep them under a few hours of sunlight, they will thrive. You will Jasmine plants for every kind of weather. Growing Peace Lily at home will prove to be beneficial because they can stay without water for days and can survive on the lowest of sunlight.

A surprise addition to this category is Black-eyed Susan. It will add to the color in your room for a rich yellow and black colored flower will bloom from this plant. Just keep it in the place where it gets enough sunlight and you are good to go.

Starting indoor flower gardening and indoor flower bed

There are various benefits of indoor flower gardening apart from purified air; they are:

  • Plants are therapeutic: When you have plants at your home, it can be a therapeutic exercise for you. They will spread the fragrance. They can teach you to be patient and gentle – important traits to have in life. Also, it keeps you engaged with something whose results are beneficial for your health. 
  • Attention sharpener: In research conducted among 23 children, the results showed that students studying with live plants pay more attention in class than the children who study without them. Having plants at home will sharpen your memory and focus; and will boost your productivity. Multiple studies have also shown that when a person keeps plants at his work desk, his productivity increases, and he can get more work done.
  • Fresh juices/Detox drinks: Most of us are lazy to walk out the door, bring home groceries and blend them to make juice. However, imagine if you have those detox flowers and herbs such as Roses and Basil at the hand’s reach, wouldn’t you make a detox juice and drink it often. It is one of the best benefits of having an indoor garden that comes in handy.
  • Protection from pests: When you grow your herbs and vegetables indoors, you are less likely to have pests and insects in comparison to the garden outside. It does not nullify the possibility, but they are less likely to infest indoors. However, whenever you bring a plant home, check it thoroughly for would-be interlopers. It is easier to maintain indoor plants than outdoor plants, for you cross them numerous times in a day.

If you read this article, you will be able to have indoor flower gardening at your home. Once you have those beautiful flowers and ripe fruits in your hands, there will be no going back because everything will be fresh and chemical-free. You will be able to decorate your house with flowers and have homegrown veggie salad, with the help of an indoor flower bed.

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