Living A Natural Organic Lifestyle : Benefits and Importance

Living A Natural Organic Lifestyle :

Living a natural organic lifestyle among the pollution of the city is not an easy thing to do. However, it is not impossible as well. One need not jump to making changes in the lifestyle right away, but baby steps can be taken to improve the quality of life you are living and reducing the bad impact on the planet.

Changing to an organic lifestyle is like rainbows and unicorns and you may not see the difference right away. But slowly and gradually you will see the changes and understand the importance of an organic lifestyle. Once you get into living a natural organic lifestyle, then there is no going back. 

What is an organic lifestyle?

An organic lifestyle is a chemical-free lifestyle that one can adopt to better his health and style of living. From the intake of food to create an atmosphere that betters physical and mental health and reduces the impact on the environment, is called an organic lifestyle. We live in a society where nothing is pure anymore, not even the air we breathe. Thus, living a natural organic lifestyle is not just an option but a necessity. If not for yourself, you must do it as a favor to the Earth you are living on.

When the pandemic occurred and there was a lock down all over the world, the ozone layer repaired itself, animals were coming back to their natural habitat, plants started growing again, the air became breathable, and people started becoming healthy.

Why? There was no pollution emitting vehicles on the road; factories were closed because of which waters became clean again; because air cleared, birds could see clearly and travel; animals were not scared of man intruding their habitat, and since we stayed home and cooked our meals, man became healthy again. It was not only cheaper but beneficial as well.

Hence, this was just a snippet of what would happen if a man would understand the importance of an organic lifestyle. If he would be changing to an organic lifestyle, he can make this world a better place to live, not just for himself, but for the next generation as well.

Importance of an organic lifestyle

Living a natural organic lifestyle means living a simple yet peaceful life which is just like organic food – chemical-free. Changing to an organic lifestyle does not mean just making a change in your diet but also doing the deeds that are healthy for the environment. Here are a few points signifying the importance of an organic lifestyle:

  1.       Mental Health:

Talking from a personal experience, I have had a hard time dealing with my mental health and it changed with the help of my therapist. She recommended I changing to an organic lifestyle. Hence, mental health plays a big role in everyone’s life. People who suffer from anxiety and depression are not taken seriously in this country. But changing to lifestyle to an organic one will help you overcome your depression and anxiety. When you inculcate an organic lifestyle, you eliminate impure things and that ultimately makes your mind and soul free of negations and unhappiness.  

  1.       Gut Health:

The importance of an organic lifestyle will be understood thoroughly when you will stop having gastric issues or you will not feel bloated in the morning. All because of the change in your diet. Organic eating means choosing raw products that are chemical-free and cooking meals at home. When you choose healthy vegetables, fruits, and other grocery items, you cook clean, and you eat clean. Food free from harmful foreign products will have a good impact on the gut health of a person. Thus, to understand the importance of gut health, one must understand the importance of an organic lifestyle.

  1.       Reducing Impact:

Living a natural organic lifestyle will reduce the impact on the environment. Organic living means eating natural food without processing, wearing natural fabrics, and using natural items, free of pesticides and chemicals. If people transfer to organic living, then there will be a reduction of carbon footprints and pollution in the air. Waters will be clean and biotic life will survive. Instead of chemicals organic fertilizers will be used to enrich the soil with nutrients. This will reduce the adverse impact on the environment and restore it to its former glory.

  1.       Protecting ecosystem:

Organic living means practicing naturalness in eating and living habits. It means working alongside nature rather than dominating her. Living a natural organic lifestyle practices having nitrogen and carbon in the soil which is also a double benefit to the environment. If the carbon is locked in the soil, it reduces the number of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, hence, decreasing global warming and enhancing pure air. By opting for organic products, the consumer will promote less no pollution agriculture with his purchasing power. It will thus reduce the hidden cost of agriculture to the environment in terms of a natural resource. 

Benefits of Living a natural organic lifestyle

What baby steps can towards living a natural organic lifestyle and what are the benefits of it:

  1.       Purchasing organic food:

The key to living a natural organic lifestyle is to purchase organic food over choosing processed food. When you eat organic food, it does not just improve your health but also affects the environment positively. If you are looking for eggs, go for certified organic eggs. When you choose organic eggs it means, you are against caging the birds. You look for the eggs that are human handled and are supporting a co-living arrangement. Also, it means that birds are raised and tended naturally without feeding any type of hormones or antibiotics. Chemicals in food products are easily able to survive the cooking process and enter your body to destroy it over a period.

  1.       Buy locally:

Buying local products may be difficult at times because of demographic reasons. It may not be possible for you to buy local products, but you can try a farmer’s market for vegetables and fruits. If you do not have a farmer’s market in your area, choose to buy from local shops. This way you will support small businesses and acquire organic vegetables. Also, it may not be necessary that in a farmer’s market, the raw materials are organic, hence do your research and ask questions about how crops were grown. At the Farmer’s market, you will be able to buy fruits and vegetables that may not be your regular choice on normal days.

  1.       Make your meal:

Making your meal with all the available items is meditation. It gives you the satisfaction of eating fresh and healthy. Also, there are a few recipes that do not take too much time for preparation. Making a sandwich with farm fresh lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber is soul-satisfying. Making a patty as a sandwich filler made up of potatoes and peas even better. Similarly, you can make spaghetti and basil salad on your own. This will make your body healthier and mind peaceful. It is said that what you eat is what you are, hence, to living a natural organic lifestyle, make your food your best friend and cook it with love and organic raw materials.

  1.       Grown your vegetables:

One of the most important steps you can take to living a natural organic lifestyle is having a homegrown garden. That way you can reduce your impact on the environment and also save some bucks. When you grow vegetables and fruits at home, you save on plastic packaging, you also save yourself from the veggies that are grown synthetically and with chemicals. You just must purchase the basic supplies and create a small space for gardening. Rest can be managed. Also, gardening can be a relaxing activity for a few, and you can get your salad items within the reach of your hand. You can start with 2 – 3 veggies and can increase to moreover a period.

  1.       Environmentally friendly products:

Talking about living a natural organic lifestyle, changes must be made in cleaning products as well. Do not use cleaning products full of chemicals and invite harm to your house. Make your cleaning products or you can purchase organic products. Be aware of Green-washing because they could be a part of marketing campaigns that are only to convince the consumer that they are organic. Some of the natural disinfectant products are baking soda, lemon juice, salt, and white vinegar. These can all be used to clean many parts of your home just as effectively and much more safely than some of the better-known products.

  1.       Choose organic beauty products:

Just like cleaning products, go for organic beauty products. To convert your living into a natural organic lifestyle you must use beauty products that are available in the comfort of your home. Use Eggs, Tomatoes, Aloe – Vera and flowers such as Rose, Hibiscus and Jasmine to make natural ingredients for skincare and hair care. You can make creams, powders, and scents at your home with the help of DIY products. The change in your body will be seen after a while when you use natural organic products.

  1.       Purchase second – hand clothes:

Many stores sell second – hand clothes that are hardly worn by people. Go to those shops and buy clothes. It will save you money and it is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment. Teach your children the worth of hard-earned money and instead of taking them to branded stores every time, take them to thrift stores as well. These days people have started understanding the importance of having a healthy atmosphere and hence they come up with the idea of chemical-free clothing. They manufacture environmentally sustainable clothes which are good for the skin and the environment both.

  1.       Drive a fuel-efficient vehicle:

You do not have to switch your vehicle right away, but you can opt for a car with better gas mileage. Or you can choose to carpool. This way you will have to drive less and can save the environment from being polluted. Also, having a better gas mileage car does not mean you have to make extra trips to various places, but it will reduce carbon footprints on Earth. If you do not drive your car, you can lend your car to car-sharing programs and earn a few bucks out of it. This will be beneficial to you and the environment as well.

  1.       Ride a bike:

Riding a bike is a type of exercise that will massage your thigh muscles and will keep you fit. It will reduce carbon footprints on the environment because they must be ridden manually. You can start riding a bike to nearby places and then you can start taking it everywhere. It will save you from traffic, can take you to places without stress and keep you healthy. You can also earn some money out of it, such that you can help people do chores and refrain them from driving their vehicles.

  1.   Take public transport:

The alternative to saving fuel is to take public transport. It is one of the best ways of living a natural organic lifestyle because that way, you do not have to drive a vehicle and can relax your body. And it also saves from polluting the atmosphere. People may find it awkward when you take the bus or metro to buying groceries or to the office as well but break the norm. You do not have to drive everywhere. You can also choose to ride a bicycle and inspire others to do so. Only for a few days people will be surprised, then looking at you, they will be inspired as well. They will follow in your footsteps and you can genuinely make a positive impact on the environment.  

How to live an organic lifestyle on a budget?

You can start by eating homemade meals. Buy groceries from the farmer’s market rather than superstores because those are fresh and have tonnes of varieties. Use natural beauty items such as Multani mitti, besan, tomatoes and aloe – vera. Drive fuel-saving vehicles – try walking or carpooling or taking public transport. This will not only save you money but keep you fit as well. Instead of spending money on the gym, try working out at home or adopt an animal and take him out for a walk. Meditate for internal peace. You can buy second-hand clothes from thrift stores and reduce the impact on the environment.

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