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Top 7 Most fragrant flowers for home

Most fragrant flowers for home :

There would hardly be any human on the Earth who does not like flowers. They are one of the primary sources which connect humans to nature. The fragrance of flowers tends to relax the human body and make it happier. Hence, people prefer to grow the most fragrant flowers for home. When you see most home gardens, people have mixed and matched flowers with various colors and fragrances so that they can sit and relax.

Thus, here are few of the most fragrant flowers for home that will not only enhance the beauty of your garden but also grow happy cells in your body:

1. Roses

We did not mention why Roses are the most fragrant flowers for home because we all love Roses (except for people who are allergic). It needs a good amount of water, sunlight and pruning for the flowers to bloom. Roses are grown for the petal paste and its scent. It comes in a variety of colors such as Red, Pink, Yellow and white. All have soothing familial fragrance. Roses should be voted to be number 1 because there’s at least one Rose plant to fit in every garden.

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2. Gardenia – Cape Jasmine

Gardenia is one of the most fragrant flowers for home due to its fragrance and its rich paper-white flowers. Gardenia plants prefer rich acidic soil that drains well. You must place the plant in the indirect or medium shade where it does not burn. The soil used to plant Gardenia should be regularly covered with a thick layer of mulch to protect against insects and weeds because it could be vulnerable to them. 

3. Parijat

Parijat is said to bring good omen with itself, thus it proves to be the most fragrant flower for home. Parijat or Nyctanthes is the white-colored flower which has a beautiful smell, and it brings good luck to the family which grows it. The plant can be grown indoor in the pots if it is regularly pruned and taken care of. The shrub blooms profusely at night and the white flowers turn into yellow by morning. It makes carpet flowers in the morning after dropping off because they shed in the bunch and not one by one.

4. Raat Rani:

Commonly known as Night Blooming Jasmine or Raat Rani is one of the most fragrant flowers for home. This plant is generally seen in every household of India because people like to enjoy its perfume while hosting small get – together/ family functions. Night Jasmine does not require a particular type of soil, but you need to water the plant regularly to enjoy its full bloom. When the flower dies, white-colored berries form, and it attracts various birds towards them.

5. Champa

Champa is one of the best fragrance flower plants in the world because you can see it everywhere on roads in India. They do not require care and maintenance at all because they grow easily with sunlight and very less amount of water. However, the downside of Champa is that it cannot bear too much cold. Change the fertilizer occasionally and make sure to get your Champa flower at least 6 hours of direct sunlight and your house will be full of Champa aroma.

6. Lily

Lilies have been favorites of French people. Lily was Christian Dior’s favorite, and his coffin was blanketed with those. Lilies demand water, sunlight, and fertilizer thus, it could be little difficult during the initial phase, but once they grow in full bloom, you have the world’s best fragrance flower plants. Lilies have a beautiful fragrance, but they could be extremely poisonous, thus, make sure you keep them away from the reach of babies and pets. However, once you grow them, you will not regret it as they will make your home aromatic.

7. Violet

E.M.Forster in Room with a view has described the mesmerizing scent of sweet violets. Violets indeed ooze out such beautiful smell that you cannot resist yourself. They were popular in Europe in the 9th century in the form of corsages, fragrances, and Nosegays. Violets are one of the most fragrant flowers in the world and they easily thrive in damp moist soil. Thus, grow them and place them in all your rooms and you will have a natural air purifier.

Not that you need any encouragement from our side to tell you, that above – mentioned, are some of the most fragrant flowers in the world, and that you can grow at home. For the best results and have a full-fledged bloom, make sure to buy it from an authorized dealer or you will enter wild insects. Other than that, these are easy to maintain and best fragrance flower plants to have around.


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