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Difference : Potting mix vs Potting soil

Potting mix vs Potting soil :

Potting mix vs Potting soil | Humans are now being more humble to nature; because of increased awareness about global warming and mother earth issues. It is a good thing and we must be taking care of our earth. Day by day I and you are moving towards organic living by various methods. These include plantations, animal love, becoming vegan, using clay pots, eating organic things etc. Also we are becoming more conscious about our personal health.

Difference between Potting mix & Potting soil (Potting mix vs Potting soil)

What is Potting Mix?

If you are doing indoor planting in a pot or container then you must use a potting mix. A potting mix specially made for pot and container gardening and it’s not normal garden soil. Potting mix does not contain earth soil or gardening soil, required levels of nutrients are included into it,  thus its lightweight. It can be used for only container or pot gardening. Potting mix is best soil for plants in pots or containers.

Potting mix requires less water as it has good water retention and also its good media for growing the roots of plants. Potting mix is more costly than potting mix; because it requires specific ingredients mixed into it. It is man made soil mixture specifically for container/pot gardening.

Some more care needs to be taken for potting mix from time to time. Because it gets expired and requires renewal/replacement. Potting mix is not long lasting and needs to be maintained. As container plants require more nutrients, it is necessary to use potting mix for indoor plants.

What is Potting Soil?

Potting soil for planting is a mixture of earth soil, compost, cow dung, tree barks and cocopeat and other ingredients thus it is heavy. Potting soil is mainly used for gardening purposes. Potting soil for planting is made from organic ingredients and does not contain any inorganic things.

You may require more quantity of soil for an outdoor/in-ground garden; because you have more space. Potting soil is best for an outdoor garden as it is a mixture of all organic nutrients. It’s heavy as compared to potting mix. Also Potting soil is cheaper than potting mix and it’s long lasting. It doesn’t need to be maintained much.

Potting soil for planting is not recommended for container/pot gardening, it can be only used for in-ground gardening. It’s not good for water absorption, moisture and roots growing. Your plants may get problems by using potting soil.

Gardening is one of those aspects of biotic living. Indoor plantation, terrace garden, container gardening are the types of it. Thus humans are coming closer to soil and soil things. Not much skill required for gardening at home. Knowing about soil and its work is important for gardening. With this article we tried helping you to know more about Potting Mix vs Potting Soil.


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