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8 Best ways for Taking care of rose plant

Taking care of rose plant :

Taking care of rose plant | Rose is one of the most beautiful and fragrant plants all the time. Every house desires to have a Rose plant, however, it could be a bit difficult task taking care of rose Plant. It starts with the kind of Rose is suitable for your house. You must figure out what suits your garden the best. There are varieties of rose plants available such as climbing roses, miniature rose plants, old – fashioned roses and so on. You can choose the one that you feel is correct for you and your house.

Caring for Rose bushes of wild Roses which have taken over modern gardens. It would probably be easy for you because they have been growing for thousands of years. They usually bloom from the time of Spring to early summer days.

Old Roses are lush and fragrant which you mostly see in the paintings. Taking care of Roses which have a hundred different varieties can be a bit daunting. However, you must take your time in choosing the plant that will make your caring for Rose Bush easier and mostly time – saving.

Here are some of the tips for you to keep in mind while taking care of Roses once you select the correct Rose plant for yourself:

1. First, you must see if it is bare-rooted or potted in the soil. Taking care of Rose plant which has already been potted becomes easy even after transferring to the container. If you are ordering online then your Roses may look like a bunch of sticks or stems, that does not mean they are dead, just dormant. Store them in the cooler place and plant them when they are ready.

2. Sunlight is especially important for Roses to flourish. Thus, make sure you place them in the corner that provides maximum sunlight in the morning. Roses require 5 -6 hours of Sunlight. The corner with partial sunlight could weaken the plant. Thus, keep it in the sunlight in the morning and then you can move it away to the comparatively cooler area.

3. The next step for taking care of Rose plant after perfecting sunlight is watering. Water your plants generously in the summer. Make sure the roots are properly soaked. Do not just sprinkle the water as it will not reach deeper to the roots which could encourage pests. You can use a mulch to conserve water and encourage healthy growth.

4. Just like humans, plants need to eat too. Do not feed harmful fertilizers to your Roses. Show some caring to your Rose bushes by providing them natural compost or fertilizers such as Banana Peel. They increase the amount of phosphorus in your plants. Do not overdo it, just use 2-3 banana peels a week. You can crush it and mix it with the water and pour it directly on the soil under the plant.

5. This may sound a bit different, but you can take care of your Rose Plants with some music. It is proved that music helps the plant grow. Thus, you can take help of the plant music but do not invest in the outdoor speakers. Make use of your phone and apps that could play the plant music for your Roses.

6. For taking care of your Roses, you must prune like a pro. There is no such thing as over-pruning when it comes to Roses. However, there are a few rules to be followed such as:

  • Do the major pruning in the early spring. Start removing dead/damaged roses and branches.
  • Cut the blooms back to the first five leaflets to promote the regrowth.
  • You must deadhead the Roses if required so that it would not produce hips.

7. If you happen to live in a colder region where there are chances of your Rose plant freezing, you can start taking care of Rose Plant by adding mulch to the soil. It will work as an insulator and prevent the plant from getting damaged to the pest. There are various options to mulch as well, such as dry wood chips, pine needles, chopped leaves to prevent the growth of the mould.

8. Caring for Rose Bushes will be a piece of cake once you start knowing your plant. Roses will add to the beauty of your garden. Hence to maintain them, one last tip is to grow garlic around the plants. This will keep away insects and pests and moulds as well. Combine your plant with spring bulbs, biennials, perennials, annuals and even grasses so that your garden feels complete. It is not just about growing them because it is a decorating ornament. It is about growing them properly.

Depending on what kind of Rose Plant you have in your house, various methods for taking care of Rose Plant exist. Decide what will suit your schedule and make the arrangements accordingly.


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