Top 10 Ways for taking care of vegetable plants in pots

Taking care of vegetable plants in pots :

There is a series called Stranger Things wherein a monster called Demogorgon takes birth under the Earth and damages the crops. You must be thinking why did I mention this? Because Demogorgon in real life is in the form of worms and fungus which damages the garden vegetables and vegetable plants in pots. Due to busy schedules, you may not have time to taking care of vegetable plants in pots but it is necessary. Otherwise, your vegetable plants will die on you or catch the disease and damage other plants. And it could indirectly affect your health when you pluck them and cook for your meals.

So, what will you do? Well, here are some of the tips for vegetable plant care or taking care of any potted plant as a matter of fact, at your homes:

1. Space management

The first and the foremost thing to take care while planning for a vegetable garden at home, is to manage the space. Do not jump at the first chance and but the plant/seeds of a variety of vegetables. Start with one veggie and then increase the variety of plants. Planting too many vegetables at once will waste your money, and you may not be able to take care of vegetable plants in pots.

If you do not want your vegetables to die on you, make the correct use of space. Use the correct containers and pots. E.g., Try not to use plastic containers and go for grow bags or rope planters or ceramic planters. If you must make use of plastic containers, then place it under the mild sun. Also, black soil pots could absorb too much heat damaging soil and plant roots, eventually killing the plants.

2. Enriching soil

Important tips for vegetable plant care is to have enriching soil. When the soil is rich in nutrients, plants would be healthy, producing healthy fruit. Different plants have different needs, so read all the instructions carefully that come with the seeds while you buy it.

One of the easiest techniques of enriching the soil is to plant the green manure in fall and turn it into fertilizer in spring. Green manure like clover improves the soil structure and provides food for beneficial microbes, resulting in healthier soil for your next gardening season. If you want your vegetable plants to live long, then, you must be taking care of vegetable plants in pots and containers.

3. Sunlight

Correct amount of sunlight will help your vegetable grow quickly and in a better manner. If you set a shade loving plant in full sun, it will grow poorly and die of the disease. Then insects will damage it further, killing other plants as well. Thus, if you wish to save all your plants then, taking care of vegetable plants in pots by placing them under the correct amount of sunlight.

If the plants which could flourish in sunlight, will not get enough sunlight, they will be stressed just like human beings. Hence, stressed vegetables are more likely to attract disease and illness. 

4. Water

Watering your plants regularly, is equally important as the regular sunlight. Without the regular watering, your plants will dry out. Some vegetable plants like tomatoes will crack open if not watered for a while and then will be drowned in water by suddenly providing too much water. Thus, if you want to take care of vegetable plants in pots correctly,do not rely on rainwater or water them occasionally because of your busy schedule.

Arrange for a drip watering so that they will get the regular water and they will flourish. If you do not wish to go for a drip watering system, then you can choose to place the plant near the place where there is a water spigot. That way, you will not have to rely on the hose to water the plants.

taking care of vegetable plants in pots tips for vegetable plant care

5. Choosing the plants

Choosing plant care is the first step to taking care of vegetable plants in pots. When you choose the correct plant, without disease or illness or any issue, you are more likely to take little care and have the fruit quite early. Having a plant at home is like having a pet. You must take care of your plant regularly.

However, imagine your pet taking care of its sanitary hygiene on its own? Just like that, a healthy plant requires a little less attention from you than a weak plant does. If you are not an expert or think that your knowledge about plants is not enough to choose the correct vegetable plant, then take professional help who will give you correct tips for vegetable plant care.

6. Examining the plants

One of the essential tips for vegetable plant care, is to limit the disease in your garden. How will you do that? By examining the plant. It is a good idea to gather some knowledge about plants via magazines, newspapers, Google, etc.

You can also ask your friends and relatives who are fond of gardening. If you have a gardener who can assist you, then talk to him/her about the plants. Learn about every vegetable and plant in your garden, so that you will be taking care of vegetable plants in pots by yourself.

7. Clean the area

You must clean the area near your vegetable plants. If you live in a moderate climate, then it is best to clean the damaged leaves and waste, otherwise, they will affect the healthy leaves negatively. It is important to remove excess seedlings because leaving all the sprouted seedlings to grow too closely together will stunt the plants and reduce your overall yield. It is important not to overcrowd the plant if you want them to grow properly. Prune the plant suckers because if they will grow, they may suck up nutrients of original plants.

8. Watch out for the bugs

The virus and bacteria often damage the plants thus, watch out for them. Some bugs act as transport for viruses and spread them from one plant to another and have become a problem for plant lovers. Aphids are one of the most common carriers of plant viruses, which damages crops and houseplants.

Also, they may damage the fruit of the vegetable plant, affecting your health adversely. Thus, bugs are neither good for your vegetable plants and you. You must be taking care of vegetable plants in pots and save them from the harmful bugs.

taking care of vegetable plants in pots tips for vegetable plant care

9. Do not kill the useful insects

You must not kill the useful insects though, because they are beneficial for the plants. Do not be over careful with removing bugs from the garden because there are some which are harmful, which some enrich the soil by feeding on them.

A few bugs like Ladybird, earthworms ground beetle and bees are useful for plants which will help you for taking care of vegetable plants in pots and make the soil rich in minerals and vitamins. Do not go killing them off.

10. Overcrowding / Ignoring the space

While planting vegetables at your home, you must remember two things – strike a balance between overcrowding the plants and ignoring the space between the plants.

Remember you do not want to overcrowd the plants because it becomes hard taking care of so many plants. The vegetables will not wait for you to take care of them and give them your attention. Too large space will not give you enough time to focus on each plant which will ultimately damage every crop in the line.

Similarly, do not leave too much space between the plants because a few plants like tomatoes, corn, pepper do need space to branch out. Once they will fill the space, they will overcrowd the plants which will not leave the room for sunlight to reach the soil.Hence, find the correct balance between overcrowding the plants and ignoring the space between them. Both, at the extreme level, could be harmful to your vegetable plants and other plants too.

Conclusion :

The above – mentioned 12 ways are the sure-fire ways for taking care of vegetable plants in pots and you cannot go wrong with those. Next time when you choose a vegetable plant for yourself, make sure it is safe and healthy. If in case you choose a diseased plant or a plant that is ill, get rid of it on an immediate basis because there are hardly any vegetable plants that become healthy again. The safest option is to replace them.

Different plants grow in a different amount of sun with different kinds of soil and require a different amount of water. Hence, you can hire a gardener or go online for the help related to taking care of vegetable plants in pots. You will get correct advice, tips and facts about vegetables, fruits, flowers, and medicinal plants that will make your home a better place. One such blog is Livingatsoil, where you can read about everything related to houseplants.

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