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Top 14 Important Tips for watering indoor plants

Tips for watering indoor plants:

Tips for watering indoor plants | Indoor plants are fun to plant and easy to maintain. Watering the house plants is no brainer, however, how to water potted plants and at what interval is a big question. Why is it necessary to water the plants? Because water provides structural support, sets the minerals in its correct place, and cools the plant down. The cells of plants are filled with water for them to stand erect which is why when it starts to bend, it is a sign that the plant needs water.

How much watering the house plants is too much?

Various plants need a different amount of water. Desert plants like cactus will need less water while some plants require more. The human body needs to stay hydrated, but plants can drown if they are fed with more water repeatedly.

Thus, below are important tips for watering indoor plants:

1st tip for watering indoor plants : It is always safer underwater than overwatering. If they are underwater, there are chances of you watering them again. And mark our words YOU DO NOT WANT TO DROWN YOUR PLANTS.

2nd tip : For large plants, pour the water and let the water soak in. Repeat until the soil is saturated and let it dry completely before watering them again. Then how to water potted plants that are smaller in size? Place the potted plant in a tray and water it until 1/4th tray is filled with water. Drain it once the sun is down.

3rd tip for watering indoor plants : Do not water your plants daily until and unless they need it. Take a break of 7 days before watering them but make sure they have not completely dried out. Also, too much depends on the weather and the type of plant.

4th tip : Prefer groundwater or rainwater as compared to tap water because tap water contains lime which is harmful to plants in the long run.

5th tip for watering indoor plants : Prefer watering your plants like a rain shower because watering the plants with tap may physically disturb the topsoil and hence the roots. The shower will distribute the water equally strengthening the roots. It damages the plants if the water will just reach the top layer and not leaves too.

6th tip : If you have cactus, do not water the plant in winter. Also, avoid keeping it under the direct waterfall.

7th tip for watering indoor plants : How to water potted plants if there are too many? In such cases, watering house plants can be done through the hose pipe that is fitted to the shower and make sure that you sprinkle the water on leaves too. You can also go for a fine spray nozzle.

Tips for watering indoor plants

8th tip : During summers, you need not stand in heat and water the plants. The indoor plants can be syringed with water just like we are injected with the medicine. You can inject the water directly in the soil and sprinkle some water on the leaves.

9th tip for watering indoor plants : Plant depression means water is dripping from the tree leaves. Do not let your plants sip into depression because it leads to rotting and plants eventually die.

10th tip : Most houseplants prefer warm water over cold water because it absorbs in the soil best. Also do not splash water on the leaves unless you have an orchid or air plant or fern.

11th tip for watering indoor plants : During summers you need to water your tropical plants once a week. You need to take care of their humidity level during the hotter months. Ferns love moist soil but not the wet one. So, remember that such plants need the soil moist and not completely soaked.

12th tip : One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your plants is sticking to the same schedule. You need to change the watering schedule with a variety of plants. Water on Thursday every week can do more harm than good. Thus, keep changing it and modifying it again and again for the better growth of plants.

13th Tip for watering indoor plants : Outdoor plants that are kept in your terrace or patio should not be watered during the middle of the day. Watering them during hot hours could ruin their metabolism. Thus, make sure you water them early morning or late evening.

14th tip : If your budget permits you, try drip irrigation method with your indoor plants with the help of motor or auto – timer. This will free you from watering the plants manually.

Remember all these tips while watering house plants at home otherwise, they will die out on you. And we do not like anyone or anything dying out on us, right?



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