Top 8 houseplants safe for cats and dogs

Houseplants safe for cats and dogs :

People love to share their homes with pets and furry babies. Those who are alone, enjoy the company of four-legged kids. They keep them company. But it can be tough to have them at home if you love having houseplants. A few houseplants can be fatal for their health. They love to chew everything that comes to their way and plants are not spared either. However, there are houseplants safe for cats and dogs and here are a few of them which you will love to have at your home:

1. Spider Plants

Spider Plants are easy to grow plants. It is also one of the houseplants safe for cats and dogs. These plants have the shape which is perfectly enticing for curious kitties and pups. Thus, it is preferable to hang them high up. However, even if you leave the pot on the ground, it will not harm your furry baby. It is super simple to grow Spider plants and maintain it. It is because they grow from the babies that the mother plant produces. It grows better in bright yet indirect sunlight and does not need direct sun for long hours. Also, one need not water it regularly. You must water it once the soil dries up. Hence, it is a low – maintenance and pet friendly houseplants. Thus, Spider Plant is a must for your house if it has cute four-legged babies.

2. Boston Fern

Boston Fern is a desirable houseplant. It has a greater tolerance than other ferns for light and dry conditions. It is said to be a houseplants safe for cats and dogs. It does not just purify the indoor air but also humidifies the air. These qualities make this plant perfect for the Winter season. This beautiful fern does not require the food for two months, and your cute little kitty can savoir its taste all season long. Undoubtedly these pet friendly houseplants does not require too much water, but it should not dry out completely. This low – maintenance plant perfect for your pups and kittens makes a great houseplant.

What are houseplants safe for cats and dogs?

Houseplants that are Safe for Cats and Dogs are Areca Palm, Spider Plant, Ponytail Palm, African Violets, Certain Succulents, Venus Flytrap, Boston Fern, Moth – Orchid, Polka Dot Plant, Bamboo, Cast Iron Plant, Christmas Cactus, Money Plant, Banana plant and so on. These are few of the houseplants that require a lesser amount of sunlight and water and are perfectly safe for your furry babies even if they chew them. Some of the plants in the above – mentioned list have air-purifying qualities as well. These plants are non – toxic and perfectly safe for your kids and furry babies. It will not cause indigestion or other stomach issues to them.

3. Succulents:

There are fewer succulents which make pet friendly houseplants. That list includes

·         Hen and Chicks:

Hen and chicks are easy to grow houseplants. These are readily available in the plant stores and nurseries. The best part about Hens and chicks is one of houseplants safe for cats and dogs. They can feed on the plant as much as they want. However, to not let the plant die on you, water the plant frequently.

·         Christmas Cactus:

Christmas Cactus needs a moist soil which is rich in minerals and nutrients. It is a perfect houseplant safe for cats and dogs because it does not kill them. However, since this succulent can cause indigestion issues, you must try to keep your furry babies away from this plant.

·         Burro’s Tail:

Burro’s Tail is best when it is hanging in a basket. It takes time to mature fully, but your little balls of fur can feed on it. It is a non – toxic succulent. This will help you change your room’s appearance by adding some green to your walls. You need not pay attention to them because they grow best if left alone.

4. African Violet

African Violet is one such plant that gives you gorgeous bloom and at the same time, is perfect for your pets. If you want houseplants safe for cats and dogs, look no further than African Violets. They will decorate your garden space and not disturb your pets. It comes with purple and pink hues of flowers and is pretty low maintenance plant. It can thrive without bright sunlight which is why you can keep it inside the house. Keep its soil moderately moist, and water the African violets, at a regular interval of time. You need to let the plant soak up water through the pot’s drainage hole, or it may damage the leaves and petals. To maintain the plant for a long time, keep it inside the house.

5. Venus Flytrap

Venus Flytrap is one such houseplants safe for cats and dogs. Just because it is fatal to insects, does not mean it will give you a trip to Veterinarian for your furry baby. It is non – toxic to them. They are low – maintenance houseplants that will not demand much of your attention. Place it somewhere, under the direct sunlight of 4 hours and water it with distilled water. Make sure you place the plant where it can feed itself on the passer-by flies. This way flies will not enter inside your house, and the plant will sustain on its own. Not only that, but also its safe houseplant for kids as well.

6. Orchid

Moth – Orchid makes the best houseplant to gift someone. This plant is not harmful to furry little ones. They have beautiful bloom, and their fragrance is worth dying for. These plants make houseplants safe for cats and dogs.You can have as many pots of Orchids as you want since they are a little low – maintenance. During the winter, you should water them once a week and twice during the summer. Also, they do perfectly fine with partial sunlight.It should be remembered that you must not use tap water for orchids because that will crust the leaves and can block moisture from entering the leaves. Otherwise, they are excellent houseplants.

7. Areca Palm plant and Money Plant

Want a houseplant that will add to the beauty of the house, make your plain white wall look decorative and is suitable for your pets? Areca Palm is the perfect plant. It is one of the most common houseplants for Indian Households and best for cats and dogs. It will work as an anti – pollutant and purifies the air full of Acetone, Xylene, Toluene and Formaldehyde which emits petroleum products, paints, and wooden furniture.It is a low – maintenance plant that does not mind if you do not water it regularly.

Money plant is another such plant that is pet – friendly. However, it may cause indigestion/diarrhoea to them, but otherwise, it does not have any toxins that can harm them. For further assistance, you can ask your vet regarding which houseplant will not harm your furry babies.

8. Basil

It is said that most herbs are harmful to cats and dogs, but Basil is one such houseplants safe for cats and dogs. It is non – toxic for your pets, however, check for the allergies. Check if your cat is not allergic to Basil otherwise, it may cause her/him diarrhea. It is said that Basil, Rosemary and Thyme are such herbs that feline pets love to feed on. They do not eat it as humans do, but their species are curious and want to taste everything.So, you can keep this houseplant directly under the sunlight or hang them by the window all day. It will be in full bloom, and you can use it to your advantage by adding them to various recipes.

9. Bonus Plant: Friendship Plant

The Friendship plant is a low – maintenance pet friendly houseplants that will make your home space look beautiful. With minimal watering and minimal sunlight, this plant will thrive. The growth will be slow in Winter, which is why it is good to plant Friendship plants in Spring. Remember that plant stretches itself out so if you want to keep it at bay, pinch off the tips. However, no matter how much you attend to this plant, it will stretch out and your pets will try to chew its leaves. Do not worry though, it does not emit toxins and is safe for them.

Now you know which pet friendly houseplants you should have at home. You can keep any or all of them in your house. No matter how much they would chew on their leaves, no harm will come to them. Also, if you wish to buy plants that could give you a little stomach trouble to your pets, you can try hanging them from your ceiling. This way the pets will not be able to reach there and be completely safe. If you are fond of having pets and plants both, then you must choose houseplants safe for cats and dogs.


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